Do you ever feel frustrated by social media? You want to meet the people who need your help most, but with so many ways to connect it can get overwhelming. Sometimes it even feels like you’re talking to no one. Let’s put the social back in social media and use it for what’s it’s best for: meeting people + making connections.

Ever wonder how everyone else is making it work on social media? Then this is the post for you! I reached out to several of my fellow entrepreneurs and asked them all to answer this question:

What’s your favorite way to connect with clients on social media?

Whether you’re using social media to connect with new clients or keep up with existing clients, this post is packed with helpful tips. Learn how other successful entrepreneurs are using social media to make connections, build relationships, and grow their businesses. (Plus get tons of inspiration for your own marketing!)

“Facebook and Twitter are my top two resources when it comes to connecting with clients on social media. For me, it’s all about being as helpful as possible and treating potential clients as if they already were clients. I offer up free tips, advice and help whenever I can and that has resulted in a lot of people reaching out to me for paid coaching or consulting. I find the more helpful I am and the more focused I am on providing value where I can, the more it comes back to me in paid opportunities.


For example, in a recent Facebook group I belong to, a person asked the question “How can niche down when my interests seem to be so saturated?” I responded to her comment with some tips on how she could add her unique voice to her niche and then she reached out to me via email, asking to book a one-on-one coaching session with me. I was able to help her niche down further and combine a couple of her interests – all just by being super helpful in a Facebook group, without any hidden agenda.”


Lise Cartwright | Full-time Blogger & Entrepreneur at Hustle & Groove
“My favorite way to connect with clients on social media is by picturing each of the social media platforms I use like a giant in-person networking meet up.


If I was at a networking event, I wouldn’t walk up to someone and say “Hey, I don’t know you but I have this awesome service that you should buy right now!” That doesn’t work in face-to-face social settings, and it doesn’t work in online social settings either.


Instead, I try to picture how I would connect with people at a meetup. I’d get to know them (by asking questions), I’d let them get to know me (by sharing authentic information about myself and my work – not rehearsed elevator speeches), and I’d try to be helpful (by answering questions, recommending resources, and connecting people with each other).


Those are all things that work in online social networks just as well as they do in-person. They allow you to build trust, likability, and real relationships with people that will lead to clients and referrals down the road.”


Sonja Jobson | Owner & Designer at Jobson Studios

“My favorite way to connect with clients on social media is through my Facebook group, The Launchers Lounge. It is by far the easiest way to communicate, connect, and check in with my clients and potential clients even after our time together has ended. Plus, I can learn more about them and their business to collaborate or cater future offers to.

As a matter of fact, if you do have a community online somewhere I would highly recommend to invite your clients to your community to keep the engagement and relationship growing over time.”

Caressa | Business Strategist at CaressaLenae

“I love sharing my client’s (and biz buddies) websites and posts on social media. It’s a great way to connect with new people and promote their content to your following. Plus it gives them and myself a nice warm, fuzzy feeling. Who doesn’t love to see their blog post shared?”

Shaylee Smith | Web Designer + Developer at Shaylee Smith

“My favorite way to connect with clients on social media is through Facebook groups. Usually people hop in asking for advice for a problem that they are having. I like to comment on those and provide tips that can help people remedy whatever they are struggling with. If it’s relevant and permitted, I’ll link to a specific blog post whether it’s mine or someone else’s that can help them even further. When I comment, I also encourage that person to PM me if they need extra help, want to take a look at one of their social media platforms or website or want to go into a further discussion about the problem they are encountering. It’s nice to go from that large Facebook group to a one-on-one discussion because I feel like that person is more comfortable with talking about that issue they are having in their business and they’re getting undivided attention from someone who could help them out. “


Melissa Hebbe | Social Media Strategist at Melissa Hebbe
“Instagram is my favorite platform to connect with clients on social media. Before our first consult call, I’ll check out their feed to see what they’re currently up to in business. Throughout our project, I’ll Instagram sneak peeks of their project that my client is also able to share with their audience. It’s a great way to stay in touch without feeling like we’re encroaching too much in each other’s personal lives.”


Holly Meyer | Brand + Web Designer at Holly Meyer Design
“By far, my favorite way to connect with potential clients is in Facebook groups. We all know entrepreneurial Facebook groups abound these days, and we’re all in at least a handful of them. But I love them because it allows me to engage in conversation with other biz builders. And that networking leads to a ton of new business. These groups allow me to serve first and offer a ton of free ideas and help. By the time someone gets to my free discovery call, they already feel really supported. I’m told often on my intro calls that this particular biz chose me because of my visibility in groups.”


Julienne DesJardins | Owner at
“My favorite way to connect with past and future clients on social media is to share their stuff! Everyone loves having the content they put out reshared, retweeted, liked and commented on and it’s a great way to stay visible with them while being of service.


On Facebook, I’m sure to click the little “follow button” so that I see their posts in my feed and on Twitter I create a private “list” of past and ideal future clients so that I can easily connect with them and share their stuff without having to sift through my Twitter feed or remember who they all are. Another option is to make a list in google docs and take a few minutes a day to go check out what they’ve shared and interact with it!”


Leah Kalamakis | Web designer and Founder of The Freelance To Freedom Project
“Social media is becoming more and more important alongside our mailing lists for connecting with our potential clients as entrepreneurs. My favorite way to connect is through Facebook groups – that’s where I spend most time posting and engaging these days.


Once you find the right groups where your ideal clients hang out in, it’s a great way to reach out and establish connections. The best way I’ve found to do that is to genuinely try and help people. That’s my number one tip – engage in a genuine and authentic way and people will start to notice. I know it can be scary to put yourself out there and tricky to promote in a non-sleazy way. Be helpful and be real! At the end of the day, people want to connect with other people, not corporations or robots. Someone in there needs to hear what you have to say. They want to hear your unique voice, so make sure it shines through. Try to include your personality, your values and your message. That’s how you’ll attract clients you’ll love working with.


And, of course, whichever platform you choose to get visible on, approach it with patience. Trust and connection take time to develop, just like in real life.”


Hanna Saar | Psychologist and Mindset & Strategy Coach at Dreamer Society

“My business model isn’t actually that I work one on one with clients – I sell online courses, but that being said, it is still important to build a relationship with “clients” or potential students. I do this within Facebook groups and Twitter by providing helpful content and tips to potential students. I share my own posts and answer questions that I feel that I can answer effectively to build trust- it’s important that someone who may purchase from you knows that you can help their individual problems and provide help in a way they understand. Naturally, when you are helpful, people begin to take notice and seek YOU out rather than you seeking them out.”

Hayli De Jong |Owner at

“I love connecting with potential clients in Facebook groups. Groups are such a great way to contribute and help others. People can ask a question to thousands of people, and almost always get an answer (or dozens of answers). I’ve found that most often, it’s the times that I try to help them solve a problem that leads them to hire me, more than when I just throw my name in a comment when they’re seeking a graphic or web designer. After working together, I love to stay connected with my clients on Instagram or Snapchat. I find those platforms to be the most conversational.”


Jess Freeman | Owner of Jess Creatives

“I love connecting with people on Twitter. It’s not as popular as Facebook–especially the way it was a year or two ago–but it doesn’t have the “gatekeeper” feel that Facebook does. I don’t have to find and like your page or hope you respond to my friend request, I just tweet at you, share your work, or like and retweet your content. I get on your radar without a lot of hassle.

I’m inconsistent about them, but I do love joining Twitter chats about various online business topics. Recently I just hopped into One Woman Shop’s chat about being location independent/digital nomads. Liking and retweeting everyone else’s stuff (and seeing yours get the same treatment) feels good, and it’s a lot of fun. We all need some community as online entrepreneurs, and you can get a bit of that from being part of the Twitter community.”

Mallie Rydzik | Business coach and consultant to creative entrepreneurs at Mallie Rydzik

“One of my favorite ways to connect with clients on social media is through Facebook Groups. Groups provide a casual way of getting a business or brand to know, like and trust you before working together. Tweet Chats are also a fun way to get to know other business owners and discover what help they need making their business flourish and grow.”


Angela J. Ford | Digital Marketer and Author at Angela J. Ford
“Look for problems that your ideal clients express on social media. Reply to their tweet, Facebook post, etc. and help them solve their problem then and there. If you have a related blog post or other free resources you can point them to, do that. You may not convert them into a client from one interaction. That’s to be expected but keep at it. Be as helpful as you can.


This helps you in two ways. One – you show that potential client that you really know your stuff, and you’re willing to share at least some of your knowledge without compensation. Two – It shows other clients who see these interactions that you’re all about helping people. That benefits you by building a positive reputation. It’s a win-win all around.”


Ardelia Lee | Content Consultant at Ardelia Lee

“Twitter has always been my favorite place to meet people online. It’s so easy to strike up a friendly conversation or offer advice there! Instagram has slowly been growing on me lately, too. People get more personal on Instagram than they do elsewhere online, so it’s a great place to interact and really get to know people. Those personal connections often turn into clients or referrals! No matter which platform you like best, it’s important to be genuine with people. Don’t make it all about sales—it’s about making friends as much as anything else!”

Ashley Brooks | Content Strategist at Brooks Editorial 

“My favorite way to connect with clients on social media is Facebook — if it weren’t for that, I’d probably spend much less time on it. In groups or via my personal newsfeed, can see what people are struggling with and point to resources of my own or elsewhere to help them, or offer my services when relevant. Whatever happens, you get to help others and build trust and good will!”

Natalia Real | Digital Strategy for World-Changers at Website Superhero

“My favorite way to connect with clients through social media is Facebook groups. There are constantly people asking WordPress-related or techy questions. A lot of the time I give a helpful response and make sure they know where to find me if they need more assistance. If it’s a more in-depth need or they’re asking for someone to hire, I’ll include a greeting, say something personal that will resonate with them based off of what they said, and then include my contact information. It makes me stick out from the people who just drop their links and I’ve had great success with it so far!”


Krista Rae | WordPress Developer + Blog Strategist at Krista Rae

How do you like to connect with clients on social media?

What’s your favorite way to build client relationships using social media? Share your best tips in the comments!