Have you ever tried to fool your dentist by flossing the night before your appointment?

Like flossing once will make up for months of not taking care of your gums and teeth.

But when you sit down in the chair your dentist knows immediately.

Because waiting until the night before is too late. You can’t fix it at the last minute by brushing extra hard or swishing more Listerine. The only way to have good teeth is to consistently care for them.

I see the same thing happen with email marketing all the time. People completely ignore their lists, then try to salvage things when it’s time to launch or send out a big affiliate promotion.

But you’re not fooling your subscribers. They know you haven’t been around for months. You’re not going to get them to buy with one email. It takes consistently showing up to nurture and build trust with your list.

The reason I’m telling you this today is that it’s quickly becoming too late to warm up your list for Black Friday.

If you’re planning a Black Friday / Small Business Saturday / Cyber Monday promotion, email your list now — like today.

Remind them who you are by sending them an interesting or entertaining message. It doesn’t have to be a pitch. You want them to remember you exist and that they like hearing from you.

Because sending your first email in 6 months on Black Friday is too late. EVERYONE is emailing then. If you want a chance at getting your promo email opened, your subscribers better recognize your name.

And if you want to start emailing your list regularly so you don’t have to scramble to warm them up every time you’ve got a big launch, let’s chat! Fill out this contact form to setup a free consult call.

We can get your subscribers anticipating your emails every week so they’re looking for them in their crowded inbox.

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