As 2017 draws to a close, it’s time to start thinking about your goals for next year and the support you’ll need to accomplish them. When it comes to growing your business in 2018, you’re going to need some good copy.

I’m saving you the time of searching through Google and sifting through Facebook groups to find your next copywriter. Here’s my round up of the top 8 copywriters to watch for 2018.

This talented group of writers can help you with all your 2018 copywriting needs. They cover  everything from blog content, long form sales pages, social media copy, and so much more. These are the copywriters you’ll want to call now, next year, and beyond.

Justin Blackman of Pretty Fly Copy

If you’re looking for website, email, or tagline copy packed with personality, hire Justin. This guy can pack more personality into your tagline than most writers can put into your whole website. He’s also the mastermind behind The Headline Project where he wrote 10,211 headlines in 100 days. When it comes to messaging, it doesn’t get better than Justin.

Chanti Zak

Chanti is the quiz funnel queen. If you want to generate lots of leads and convert them into paying customers, look no further. Questions are her conversion boosting superpower and she’s ready to unleash them on your business.

Eman Zabi of The Scribesmith

You can’t beat Eman when it comes to powerful, engaging copy dripping with personality. She’s got a passion for nature, hiking, and general wilderness that she brings to projects for the outdoor industry.

Brit McGinnis of Black Bow Communications

Brit’s got a special knack for helping brands find their true fans. She helps her clients make connections through content marketing and social media. (And if you’re a fan of horror and all things spooky, you’ll swoon over Brit’s brand.)

Doug Paton of Paton Content Marketing

Doug uses his background in fiction and journalism to help businesses build relationships with their customers using story-based content marketing techniques. If you’re in tech or the outdoors industry, hit up Doug for your next project.

Sarah Zerkel

Sarah’s an unapologetic generalist who helps businesses and non-profits put their best words forward. No matter your industry, she can craft copy that will get you noticed.

Shehani Kay of Convincing Case Studies

Did you know that 77% of B2B buyers say case studies were most influential in their buying decisions? Shehani knows it. That’s why she helps B2B businesses turn their customers’ successes into stories that sell so that their sales teams can close more deals faster.

Michal Eisikowitz

Michal’s a proud New Yorker who’s been pumping out oomph-oozing copy for nearly a decade. Her specialty is helping healthcare companies revive comatose websites + collateral with jargon-free, on-brand copy that captures, compels, and converts.


Click through and check out all these amazing copywriters for your next project. Or pin this post for later and come back any time you need copywriting in 2018.

Here’s to a new year full of happy customers, growing income, and great copywriting. Cheers!

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