With another year almost gone, I’m in a reflective mood. Looking back at all the things I did this year also got me thinking about all the things I haven’t done.

While there are obviously a lot of things I haven’t done yet, there are a few things I regret not doing in the past.

These are things I might do in the future and that you might want to consider doing too to grow your business in 2018. We can all start taking action now so we don’t have the same regrets at the end of next year.

Here’s a list of some of the things I haven’t done, but wish I had.

1. Optimizing my website for email sign ups

My website doesn’t make it easy for people to sign up for my list. There’s no way to know how many new sign ups I’ve missed out on because my opt-in form is all the way at the bottom of my website. If I’d started with forms in the header, pop-ups, and content upgrades I know I would have a much bigger list by now.

2. Tried out cold emailing to land clients

I really wish I’d had the guts to try this out. I know copywriters who’ve never tried it and others who get a lot of great clients this way. It was something I planned to do this year, but I just kept putting it off. Why? The fear of being rejected kept holding me back. But when you think about it, the stakes are really low with cold emailing. What’s the worst that could happen — somebody ignores me or sends a rude response back?

3. Created a course or infoproduct

Sometimes I have people come to me who aren’t a good fit for 1:1 work, but I wish I had something else to offer them. Not only would it let me help a lot more people, but it could be a great source of passive income on top of client work. I just haven’t gotten around to packaging up my expertise in this way – YET. (Hint hint – foreshadowing for 2018!)

UPDATE: I checked this one off the list! Check out the Better Email Bundle here!

4. Hosted a webinar

The idea of doing a live webinar used to sound like the scariest thing in the world to me. Any time I saw it as advice for marketing I’d immediately ignore it and decide it was never going to work for me. But now I do live video multiple times a week…and it’s not that scary anymore! I’m sure I’m missing out on a lot of opportunities by ignoring this strategy. (Again, that’s about to change – sign up here and you’ll be the first to hear what I’ve got in store!)

5. Reached out to more people to collab

I’ve done a few collaborations in the past and they’ve always been great. But it’s usually someone else reaching out to me. I haven’t taken the initiative to reach out and set up things on my own. I’m sure I’ve missed out on great opportunities and the chance to connect with some awesome people because I’ve been too shy to ask.

6. Traveled for a conference

People seem to have so much fun traveling to conferences and connecting with business friends in person. I’ve only been to one conference, but it was in Denver so I just hopped on the light rail to get there. Someday I’d really like to have the full experience of visiting a new city and going to the conference I really want to be at (not just the one that’s local).

7. Set up an all in one tool like Dubsado or 17Hats

Every time I’m onboarding a new client, I kick myself for not having the process automated. I know I would save so much time if I had everything set up in one of these CRM tools. But the initial set up is so overwhelming that I haven’t taken the time to do it yet.


Those are 7 things I haven’t done yet, but kind of wish I had. Next year, you’ll see me hosting webinars and launching my first course. I’ve already picked a conference I want to go to all the way in NYC.

Just because you haven’t done something yet doesn’t mean it’s never going to happen. What’s one thing you’ve never done that you think you want to? Comment below and tell me — I’d love to know!

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